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Rock Routes Holidays, registered at Urb. Montaña Blanca Club Pt 64, Caleta de Fuste, Fuerteventura, operate from this site as an intermediate, proving a wide range of travel related services.

Our travel services do not come in the form of a packages holiday, but in components designed and combined to suit the need of the consumer (ie hotel, dates, location, excursions).

This document below defines the specified conditions by Rock Routes Holidays for the consumer of the website www.rockroutesholidays.com and these conditions must be accepted before purchase.

  1. Legislative Sources

    The buying/selling of travel services provided in Europe and abroad is governed by Law 27/12/1977 n. 1084, ratification and implementation of the International Convention of travel COntracts (CCV), signed in Brussels on 23/04/1970 and of the consumer code.

  2. Concept of Travel Agent Contract

    Any contract by which the consumer agrees to the price of the travel service or services by a travel organisation that allow you to persue in your travels arrangments.

    Through this website, the consumer can purchase hotel services and excursions.

  3. Components of the Travel Contract

    Components are as follows:

    • The Service Provider: hotels and local correspondents
    • Broker: Rock Routes Holidays to art. 1 CCV: "Whoever undertakes to procure by means of a price contract for the organisation of the trip, or one of the seperate services that allow you to make a trip or a longer stay".
    • Consumer of Service
  4. Intermediate Responsibility

    Rock Routes Fuerteventura protects the rights and interests of the consumer in accordance with the general principles of law in fulfilling it´s obligations under the contract to the travel brokerage.

Rock Routes is not responsible in any way for the obligations arising from travel, particularly under the third paragraph of Article 22 of the CCV "The intermediary is not liable for all or part of travel, accommodation or other services that are covered by the contract."

Rock Routes is solely responsible for the obligations arising from his role as intermediate in accordance with the regulations in force and, anyway, just in case the consumer to furnish proof of his negligence in the choice of supplier.

The compensation for the damages suffered by the consumer in connection with the default of Rock Routes in case of purchase of Travel Services, is governed by the provisions contained in the CCV.