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Fuerteventura travel guide

Located on the same latitude as Florida and Mexico, temperatures rarely drop below 18 degrees, perfect weather for the 152+ beaches.

Fuerteventura´s trade winds are famous for making the island a surfers paradise. The PWA World Wind Surfing and Kite Surfing Championships are held on the island every July. Sailors, fishermen and divers are also attracted to Fuerteventura, alongside sunseeking holiday makers.

The stunning coastline and the volcanic interior of the island have resulted in the island being declared a World Heritage Site. The interior is best explored by 4x4, quad, dirt bike or hiking and many boat and catamaran trips explore the coastline.

Take 2 – Reasons why you want to holiday on Fuerteventura


Fuerteventura is the second largest island of the so called Fortunate Islands. It received its name back in the fourteenth century and, although there are a couple of possible meanings, it is more likely to do, and as any visitor may want to confirm, with great fortune or “ventura” meaning happiness. The island is surprising cosy and welcoming, the best scenery to enjoy tranquillity.

Sea, Sun & Beaches

Fuerteventura is only 100 kilometers away from the African continent, the long shaped Island has 1.658 kilometers square and a length of 210 kilometers, including the small little Island Lobos – located at Fuerteventura’s North. Fuerteventura was formed by volcanic eruptions starting over 15 millions of years ago. The physical geography of Fuerteventura is strongly influenced by the erosion. The shape of mountains and mountain ranges have been softened by rain and the wind over the centuries. Fuerteventura’s climate is warm and dry, as the mountain slopes on the island do not offer sufficient height, the moist of the trade winds converts very rarely into rain. The combination of the Island´s climate and shape make this place ideal for those loving the sea and the sun, an outstanding medley of desert stillness, lava flows of ghostly delicacy, oceans of sand dunes, almost unspoiled beaches and the, rich in fauna, seabed. The really and truly outstanding beaches in Fuerteventura cover approx. 340km in length. Idyllic conditions for water sports and diving.

So if you want to know, if Fuerteventura is your best choice for a holiday, let me give you a brief introduction: Imagine its 12 o’clock noon, and you are sat on a little stone bench, right by the tiny, linen white village church with the characteristic black volcanic stones, decorating the façade. The sound of the church bells break through the air and traces of into the wide blue sky, you feel the prickling heat on your skin, occasionally tempered by the refreshing trade winds that are home here. You get up and leave this sleepy little village, embedded in between sand and dark magma coloured hills and head off to any of the beaches, where you will spend the rest of the day in the sizzling sun, cooled by refreshing cold of clear blue and turquoise water.

This is the Essence of Fuerteventura.

Do you need to disconnect from your stressful and hectic daily routine? Come to Fuerteventura – there is no better place for you to relax and recharge your batteries.

The complete guide to Fuerteventura


Fuerteventura travel guide


Fuerteventura travel guide


Fuerteventura travel guide

Towns & Resorts

Fuerteventura travel guide


Fuerteventura travel guide

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Fuerteventura travel guide


Fuerteventura travel guide


Fuerteventura travel guide